Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lyrical Livelyhood

My favorite song lyric is from the song "like I'm gonna lose you" by Megan Trainor and it is "no, were not promised tomorrow," because its true. I am not the most confident person, so the first time I heard this song it was like a wake up call to do something with my life and stop thinking of every little thing that could go wrong, and just have fun!

The music video we choose was "your the one that I want" from the movie Grease that is sung by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. We choose this song because me and my group are all 50's kids at heart, and we love the love story of Danny and Sandy. So what else than the greatest 1950's themed love story. Plus it is by far the best musicals ever, so we must. But what I admire the most about our music video is that we replace the 1950's love story of a girl and boy, with a 21 century problem of the love girl has for food, *insert laughing emoji here*.

TheVisual Story of our music video is just us + food = happiness, so you will basically be seeing us showered in food. But there is a deeper meaning, which is that we are trying to break the clingy girlfriend stereotype. I am the main person that is the story is being focused on, where my "boyfriend" just breaks up with me over the phone (jerk). So my friends Ehu and Sydney  cheer me up by taking me out on a calorie fest where we just eat food.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Animation Story

Our focus statement on this project was Skippy Defeats Gum Monster, which was more of a fun comedy than a lesson. This actually is my story, this happened when I was 8 and I was at my friends house. We were playing around then he "accidentally" spit gum in my hair. But this tells my story because I've always been fond of gum and peanut butter and the whole conspiracy of the hero winning in the end, so it worked out really well for me.

The main point in the story is jealousy and to stay humble, the audience see this when "I" win a "best hair" competition and I "brag" about it when I get the award. So I want the watchers to take from this is to stay humble and be aware of others. It may be over exaggerated but our point gets across.

The only problem we ran into was that we had to but our pictures in photoshop and animate them correctly, but besides that we did pretty well. Through out everything this is by far my favorite project. Not because we won but because we had fun while doing it. I think this is the first project where I actually laughed through out the this project.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Animation Outtakes

For this project my team mates are Mikela and Leslie, these two girls are very productive but know how to have a good time while doing so. I am very proud to be on the this team because everyone has a distinct job to do. Such as Mikela is very good at animating... Well Mikela is actually good at everything. While Leslie is good at editing and audio which is amazing considering this is her first year in GT, *Very Impressed*. Since this is my story I know what happens and is better with the camera. But with all of us together this project is sure to be a success.

Stop motion animation is taking still pictures of someone or something and showing movement through more pictures. My first example of me  counting is a stop motion. A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a series of images switching colors or patterns on a constant loop. Which would be my 2nd example of the ball bouncing.

This is my story of a time when I got gum stuck in my hair. Not much of a "why should I care?" but more of a "What makes yours different?" Well I think our story is unique and different from everyone else's story. I'm very proud of this project and the group I'm in. I don't think we had that many problems except adjusting the camera to make the picture clearer but thats about it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Typography Images

Typography is a image conducted of words, a typography image can be made in photoshop. You can use any subject of your chose but in this project we were assigned to make a Typography portrait which sounds pretty cool. For this assignment we are suppose to use a teacher, my teacher is Mr. Relacion a 7th grade english teacher. For the words we were suppose to write down 15 or more words that describes them. It creates an impact because the if you merge the words and the person together its showing how they look and who they are. :)

The most difficult part of this project would be that I was a little behind while doing our practice and couldn't keep up *insert nervous emoji here*, so I was panicking and needed some help catching up, but I turned it in on time so were okay *insert okay hand emoji here*. Since we are going through the steps again I understand now and slowly learning how to finish this project successfully.

In this project we created three portraits, personally my favorite process of creating a typography image is the most recent one we finished. Which is our "Me" portraits, because it was the simplest and has the least amount of steps. Anyway in my first photo I used Benjamin Franklin, I was rushing a little because I was VERY confused how to make this. I was asking for help left and right and- I just want to say thank you to everyone who assisted me(you know who you are). Then in my second one I did a little better, at least I got the concept and the main steps. Later did I learn that every single tiny step matters, I know because I went through this like a million times. I still find it a miracle that I turned it in on time. I was really REALLY mad on this last one because I was doing good, I was getting it, I was almost finished! Then photoshop logs out on me before I could save it...Seriously. So that is pretty much the whole reason why my last one looks terrible because I only had 10 minutes to finish it UGH!! But that's okay, because for 10 minute work it looks pretty good. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Double Exposed Portraits

Portrait photography is a photo of one specific person. The main focus in a portrait should be the face but may include the entire body if wanted. Profile view is half of the face, being a portrait. A silhouette is an example of a portrait because it shows expression, personality, and sets a mood for the photo, So yes it it is a potrait.

 Double Exposed Portraits are created in photoshop, How? you may ask well I'm getting there. First you take your portrait and two different symbolic photos, After that you follow these steps (File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack), then you start to edit. While editing make sure to change your color tone, precise your quality, and adjust your blend. In my portraits I used a bunch of random stuff, like curves, saturation, etc. The reason why I want to make this is, well its cool! And it would be nice to say I know how too do this...

friend: *sees a double exposed photo* "Wow that's so cool!

me: "oh I know how to do that"
friend: "show me!!"

In my first example I used clouds and leaves. The clouds representing daydreamer or "Drifter", symbolizing that I get lost in my thoughts. While the leaves were just suppose to be cool, I used the leaves to cover my mouth as a mask or something. Probably meaning I should be quiet or I am TOO quiet I don't know sometimes I talk to much other times I have nothing to say. But then there's the more imaginative vision being I want to be a ninja. In my 2nd portrait I used lights and the city. The lights are actually representing stars, because over the pass few days the sky has not been cooperating with me showing no stars. Anyway the "stars" (lights) represent a time when I was younger and me and my cousin used to star gaze and not have a care in the world. While the city represents my love for traveling and my dream to travel the world.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

HDR Photography

HDR Photography is a image that is commonly made by taking three or more photos of the same scene, each at different shutter speeds."HDR" stands for High-Dynamic-Range, HDR Photos are photographs with a limited exposure range, resulting in a a more beautiful and eye caching ending result. HDR Photos also exposes shadows, colors, and lines. There isn't really anything that I dislike about taking HDR Photos. HDR photo's are actually my favorite type of photo's to take. Because they reveal little details and really make my photo's look good.

To create a HDR photo, first you need to take a picture of your scene with different exposures, make sure you have everything balanced and you have a focus point. After you have your photos upload your pictures to your computer. Once you have your pictures on your computer go to photoshop files< Automate< Merge to HDR pro. When you have that finished you can start editing.

In my examples I show, I hope I show some vibrance. In my landscape photo with the river my main focus point was suppose to be the tree on the left rule of thirds. My favorite part of that photo was that it felt that if I were in the jungle. In my portrait I feel as if it could be better. In the critique I was told that I need a better background, not just a plain wall and I agree.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Movie Trailer Critique

In this project we made a movie trailer called "Letters To John." This Trailer gives the audience a preview of a boy who runs away from home because he feels he is not loved, but his loving girlfriend (Leleaka Anakalea)  continues to write letters to him. The Female lead in this movie was played by Leleaka Anakalea (Andrea), and the male lead Gabriel Sifuntes (John). Behind the scenes we had Sydney Nice as Director, and Me as Co-Director, While Brooke Kauo and Leleaka Anakalea were the producers.

We also did have some requirements such as Had to have at least 1 and a half a minute, 5 scenes, Voice acting script, Dialogue, and Movie Poster, and some effects. I believe our team covered all these requirements. But I know why we lost, and it is because comedy is always preferred over dramatic romance for some strange reason. But I still preferred ours, but am happy the other team won.

When the class results came in I was excited, then I saw we lost, It was such a close call! We lost to Maceo's group by 2 votes. Since we could've won I say no I do not. but I have accepted it and agree that their group did very well. I have learned that I can't be a procrastinator anymore, and should be more proactive. While doing this project we were very proactive and I felt so much relief in the end, and usually don't. At the end of other projects I was rushing and not using my time wisely but in this one I... did good.