Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Animation Story

Our focus statement on this project was Skippy Defeats Gum Monster, which was more of a fun comedy than a lesson. This actually is my story, this happened when I was 8 and I was at my friends house. We were playing around then he "accidentally" spit gum in my hair. But this tells my story because I've always been fond of gum and peanut butter and the whole conspiracy of the hero winning in the end, so it worked out really well for me.

The main point in the story is jealousy and to stay humble, the audience see this when "I" win a "best hair" competition and I "brag" about it when I get the award. So I want the watchers to take from this is to stay humble and be aware of others. It may be over exaggerated but our point gets across.

The only problem we ran into was that we had to but our pictures in photoshop and animate them correctly, but besides that we did pretty well. Through out everything this is by far my favorite project. Not because we won but because we had fun while doing it. I think this is the first project where I actually laughed through out the this project.

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