Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lyrical Livelyhood

My favorite song lyric is from the song "like I'm gonna lose you" by Megan Trainor and it is "no, were not promised tomorrow," because its true. I am not the most confident person, so the first time I heard this song it was like a wake up call to do something with my life and stop thinking of every little thing that could go wrong, and just have fun!

The music video we choose was "your the one that I want" from the movie Grease that is sung by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. We choose this song because me and my group are all 50's kids at heart, and we love the love story of Danny and Sandy. So what else than the greatest 1950's themed love story. Plus it is by far the best musicals ever, so we must. But what I admire the most about our music video is that we replace the 1950's love story of a girl and boy, with a 21 century problem of the love girl has for food, *insert laughing emoji here*.

TheVisual Story of our music video is just us + food = happiness, so you will basically be seeing us showered in food. But there is a deeper meaning, which is that we are trying to break the clingy girlfriend stereotype. I am the main person that is the story is being focused on, where my "boyfriend" just breaks up with me over the phone (jerk). So my friends Ehu and Sydney  cheer me up by taking me out on a calorie fest where we just eat food.

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