Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Animation Outtakes

For this project my team mates are Mikela and Leslie, these two girls are very productive but know how to have a good time while doing so. I am very proud to be on the this team because everyone has a distinct job to do. Such as Mikela is very good at animating... Well Mikela is actually good at everything. While Leslie is good at editing and audio which is amazing considering this is her first year in GT, *Very Impressed*. Since this is my story I know what happens and is better with the camera. But with all of us together this project is sure to be a success.

Stop motion animation is taking still pictures of someone or something and showing movement through more pictures. My first example of me  counting is a stop motion. A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a series of images switching colors or patterns on a constant loop. Which would be my 2nd example of the ball bouncing.

This is my story of a time when I got gum stuck in my hair. Not much of a "why should I care?" but more of a "What makes yours different?" Well I think our story is unique and different from everyone else's story. I'm very proud of this project and the group I'm in. I don't think we had that many problems except adjusting the camera to make the picture clearer but thats about it.

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