Thursday, March 12, 2015

Typography Images

Typography is a image conducted of words, a typography image can be made in photoshop. You can use any subject of your chose but in this project we were assigned to make a Typography portrait which sounds pretty cool. For this assignment we are suppose to use a teacher, my teacher is Mr. Relacion a 7th grade english teacher. For the words we were suppose to write down 15 or more words that describes them. It creates an impact because the if you merge the words and the person together its showing how they look and who they are. :)

The most difficult part of this project would be that I was a little behind while doing our practice and couldn't keep up *insert nervous emoji here*, so I was panicking and needed some help catching up, but I turned it in on time so were okay *insert okay hand emoji here*. Since we are going through the steps again I understand now and slowly learning how to finish this project successfully.

In this project we created three portraits, personally my favorite process of creating a typography image is the most recent one we finished. Which is our "Me" portraits, because it was the simplest and has the least amount of steps. Anyway in my first photo I used Benjamin Franklin, I was rushing a little because I was VERY confused how to make this. I was asking for help left and right and- I just want to say thank you to everyone who assisted me(you know who you are). Then in my second one I did a little better, at least I got the concept and the main steps. Later did I learn that every single tiny step matters, I know because I went through this like a million times. I still find it a miracle that I turned it in on time. I was really REALLY mad on this last one because I was doing good, I was getting it, I was almost finished! Then photoshop logs out on me before I could save it...Seriously. So that is pretty much the whole reason why my last one looks terrible because I only had 10 minutes to finish it UGH!! But that's okay, because for 10 minute work it looks pretty good. :)

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