Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Movie Trailer Critique

In this project we made a movie trailer called "Letters To John." This Trailer gives the audience a preview of a boy who runs away from home because he feels he is not loved, but his loving girlfriend (Leleaka Anakalea)  continues to write letters to him. The Female lead in this movie was played by Leleaka Anakalea (Andrea), and the male lead Gabriel Sifuntes (John). Behind the scenes we had Sydney Nice as Director, and Me as Co-Director, While Brooke Kauo and Leleaka Anakalea were the producers.

We also did have some requirements such as Had to have at least 1 and a half a minute, 5 scenes, Voice acting script, Dialogue, and Movie Poster, and some effects. I believe our team covered all these requirements. But I know why we lost, and it is because comedy is always preferred over dramatic romance for some strange reason. But I still preferred ours, but am happy the other team won.

When the class results came in I was excited, then I saw we lost, It was such a close call! We lost to Maceo's group by 2 votes. Since we could've won I say no I do not. but I have accepted it and agree that their group did very well. I have learned that I can't be a procrastinator anymore, and should be more proactive. While doing this project we were very proactive and I felt so much relief in the end, and usually don't. At the end of other projects I was rushing and not using my time wisely but in this one I... did good.


  1. Hey Wailana! You have a great blog, and your team's movie trailer was absolutely amazing, and really well done. Awesome job, and keep it up!

  2. Beautiful blog! I really like how you put a lot of information into this blog post.