Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Visual Literacy

In my 7th period class my teacher assigned a very unusual project. This project was very interesting, and very different from any project I've done before. In the process of this project you fold pages in a book too create a word, My word was "Cozy". Isaac Salazar is the one who started the creation of this page folding. He has been doing this since October 2009, and lately he has become more complex and twisty with his work. This Literally Visual Literacy, because it includes a book (literacy), and fold pages to clearly see the work of the literacy (visual).

The majority of the books I read are science fiction. And I don't read as often as I should so when I do read I would like to be snuggled up in a blanket and 'Cozy'. So its not really inspiring it just relates to me and how I prefer to feel when I read a book. I folded around 500 pages, and I am still surprised I didn't get a paper cut. For this project the majority of my class used old encyclopedia to create this Visual Literacy. We used them because nobody else would take too glances at them, so if no one is going to use them for their created reason why not turn it into something beautiful for everyone too notice.

I think my final piece all together turned out pretty well. It was really strong for the first three letters than I started to rush on 'Y'. I would not do anything differently because I feel that my word relates too me because I like to be comfortable while doing anything. If I did do this project again I would experiment and create a shape like a star, sun, moon, or a heart, etc. I would do that just too see what I'll capable.

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  1. Great job finishing a challenging project! I like how you chose a word that relates to the experience of reading a good book. There's nothing like curling up with a "COZY" blanket and cup of tea to get lost in a great story.