Monday, December 15, 2014

Movie Poster Promo

The main character of our movie is Leleaka Anakalea playing Andrea the strong girlfriend looking for her missing boyfriend, John played by Gabriel Sifuentes. We also have minor rolls like Tori played by Brooke Kauo and Max played by Maxwell Nice. But they're will only be Leleaka on the poster in the corner kind of faded in with a paper and pen in hand.

our title is pretty straight forward its 'Letters To john' which pretty much means sending Letters To John. But the other text I will have on there is like the name of the actors director and producer credit, and reviews, and a small quote. Kerning is just a editing tool that adjusts the spacing between letters to make it Easier to read.

The Layer effects I used on the title was, drop shadow, Bevel and emboss, and Gradient overlay. and for my picture I quick selected Leleaka and Gabe then inverted it to select the background so I can but the Glass filter over it to give it a missed memory type of vibe.  I am very happy with ho my final product turned out and hope you will too!

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