Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finished News Story

Our story is about the opinion that Dustin Barca has on GMO. The people who contributed to this project were mainly my group,  Maceo CantuKuumomi ThompsonEhu Keala, and myself. The people outside the group that helped us would be Dustin Barca for letting us interview him about the concept, Parents for driving us around the island.
The final didn't turn out like I hoped it would, I wish I did something a little more to make it better. I am not happy with my final, but theres no one to blame for it but myself. So lets just hope next time I'll be more of assistance.
 Our critique results were actually better then I expected. We got lots of threes and two's which I was fine with. But on my next project I hope to get a majority of fours and threes. Yes I do agree with my results, I am very happy that I actually got 4's. Yes I do believe that we did good, but I know I could have done better.


  1. I like the clear shots in all the B-Roll.
    It was slightly repetitive.
    There was good clear and easy to listen to audio.

  2. Great job Wailana! The emotions shown in the B-Roll was excellent!
    Some of the B-Roll seem to be repetitive at some parts.
    But still, it's an awesome Poem! It was read quite clearly!
    Nice Job!

  3. I really like the acting that was put into this and your voice over volume was just awesome. I think others have the same music as you and some shots you just ran right through it and you should maybe slow it down. I really like the length of your poem and the meaning of it.