Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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Australian 'terror suspect' killed in Melbourne

The 18 year old man who threatened prime Minister Tony Abbott, was shot and killed in Melbourne. Under a list of "person of interest" he was under surveillance. Before he was shot he stabbed to police officers, both officers were taken to the hospital and are in critical but stable conditions.This incident happened on a tuesday evening when the man walked into the police station asked to attend an interview for ABC reports.
two police officers, an Australian Federal Police officer and a Victoria state police officer was said to be apart of a counter terrorism team. They met the teenager outside the station. And thats when the violence started.
An Australian citizen says that the man shouts and insults Mr. Abbott before he was shot. The paper says that his passport was recently canceled before he was shot. When the incident occurred it created high tension, considering that there has been lots of counter terrorism in Sydney and Brisbane.

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