Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lesson Learned

The most interesting thing that happened would have to be when I went to the farmers market down the hill from our school to do a time-lapse, So I was this little 8th grader setting up a cannon camera on a tripod and just leaving it in the middle of the path way filming people while I just stand there waiting for a minute to pass... Yup nothing awkward about that.

The biggest road block would have to be our schedules. We DO have lives and juggling practices, homework, an permission from parents it does get a little tricky on meeting up. Also interviews so far we only have one interview... and were suppose to have 3. We have a profile project on 'How Dustin Barca feels about GMO' So we don't exactly know who else to film. 

The most important part of filming would have to be remember who your audience is, make sure their attention is on your video or its all for nothing. Make sure your voiceovers are clear and easy to hear, your b-roll is attentive and interesting, and interviews are informational and acknowledging. If you have all of this your video is perfect!

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