Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School

   My favorite moment so far, would have to be seeing my friends again. I know what your thinking, 'didn't you see them over the summer?' actually I didn't since I live a far from them and our parents don't know each other the only time I would see them is if I bumped into them at food land or something. 

My biggest challenge so far has to be keeping up with Mr. Roaches notes. Yes they are fun and yes it looks cool, but with everyone trying to make theirs nicer than the next you get a little pressured in how it looks. I mean switching colors every sentence is very stressful. Haha, But I know i'll get use to it so its fine... I guess.

I'm going to be successful this year no matter what. The past two years I've been getting some ''C's'' and thats just unacceptable. This year I'm going to be organized and write in my planner remind myself  to look at it, and do some extra studying  for my own personal well being. I'm going to push my brain to the point where ''4.0's'' is the only grade I will accept. I know it seems that i'm pushing my self but don't worry bro I'll take some breaks.

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  1. You had great clear videos.
    You had some shaky shots witch if you would of took on a tripod they would be more still.
    you had clear sounds of the music witch i thought was good.