Thursday, May 15, 2014

Metamorphosis Animation

P4T6 Metamorphosis from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

I know its been a while but are GT class has been working really hard on our last project Metamorphosis Animations! In this project we had to show an animation changing into something or someone. You could use the following animations stop-motion, claymation, or digital animation. I found this project was actually a little difficult well that's probably because I only had one partner Kaylynn Drake.

We worked really hard on this project but I wish we had more teammates so we could have worked more efficiently and faster. And maybe our project would probably have been more amazing and neat. In our project we used three animations claymation, stopmotion, and digital animation. some you see more than others. Our focus statement was that we are poisoning the world and slowly killing each others and increasing the chance of global warming!

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