Friday, April 11, 2014

Words Of Wisdom

P4T6 Profile from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
In our "Words Of Wisdom" project we had to figure out how we were gonna meet,  how we were going to do everything perfect, sharpe, and clean. First we had to figure out who we were going to use, then we discussed where we were going to meet and what we were going to film when we got there! Once we did that we were suppose to make sure everything was focused and clear on the main subject, but in some of the shots they were unfocused and blurry which was a huge mistake. So we had to shot some more B-roll to cover it up. Its always nice to have a lot of b-roll because more b-roll equals more options. But in the end it looked really nice, so everything turned out really good.

Well "Words Of Wisdom" are important to know because it tells us they're story and what they've gone through and how they're story will help us later in life. I know that all the lectures and speeches your parents and elders, don't seem like a lot to you right know but it will later on... ugh look at me, now I'm giving you guys a lecture, haha! But yeah these "Words Of Wisdom" will help you later in life. Well thats all type you later! #socheesyyy

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