Friday, March 14, 2014

Profile Project Progress

Hi again if your reading this than I am going to inform you on my most recent project at the time. This project is called "Words Of Wisdom." In this project me and my team are suppose to interview someone older than us in one of our families and get some "Words Of Wisdom" from them... Our elder is papa Jim, Kaylynns grandpa. Please go check out her blog by clicking on her name. We were suppose to take the interview and b-roll together but something happend to all our footage and it all disappeared! So Kaylynn had to go out and do it by herself because our schedules were not coaperating with this project.

In this project we included b-roll and voice overs. If you don't know what B-roll or voiceover is please click on the words "b-roll and voiceover" above. For our voiceovers I was the voiceover person. What the person mainly has to do is read what you want in your video or movie. But make sure it sounds good clear and comfterable. Voiceovers are just like reading a script and auditioning for a play or something. Unlike me I was uncomftortable and did not do our voiceover as good as it could have gone. I first b-roll was very good but you know already it magically disappeared. So like I said Kaylynn had to retake it. But when we went over it with her all of our b-roll was shakey! And we only had some that were still. Adding on to that we were all extremely stressed with this project.

 How we have been working together?  Well I think we have been working well together most of the time. But I wish I could do more on this project.  Me and my partners  Kaylynn Drake and Sydney Nice been working well together and communicate well to each other, please go check out they're blog its really nicely layed out and looks really cool! What really helps is that all pretty close and know each other well. The main thing you want to do is to be comfterable with your group and be able to pitch in when you are needed to.  

What we could do to improve from good to great, is that we could make sure are schedules cooperate with this project. Also I think that we could have got more b-roll if we didn't acturally make all of us go together. What I mean by that is that instead of all of us meating up maybe just two of us could have met up. But I think we work well and cooperate preatty good together.


  1. I love your background and layout!

  2. Awesome Blog Wailana! It looks so professional and "classy" (I have no idea how to use this word in a sentence unless for certain circumstances well...) The layout is neatly done and your background looks awesome! Hoped you did a good job on your video! Rooting for you from 3rd period!