Friday, March 14, 2014

Practice Profile Story

The purpose of my profile practice story is to well practice! By that I mean get ready or warmed up for what is going to come. While doing this project me and my fellow classmates learn what is going to come, and that we need to work really fast and efecieant  if we want to get this done. While doing this we made a couple of mistakes. Such as we didn't take enough B-roll also that we had a lot of cuts and that are voiceovers were not as nice and clear as we wanted it to be, also some of our audio didn't sound the same as the other cuts in the video. But thats the purpose of it to practice so your final can be amazing!

In our profile practice story we filmed and interviewed Kaylynn Drake. In our video we filmed her dancing, doing stunts, anything that would keep the audience focused on our video. What you have to do to keep them interested is to have enough B-ROLL! Because you don't want to be repeatitive, by that I mean don't repeat the film that you already used. We chose dancing because she's good at it... By that I mean really good at it, like Katy Perry back up dancer good, haha! Well thats all but go check out more of our GT class videos on vimeo click the link <~ over there to see!


  1. I love your description and your Vimeo example

  2. Good job. I like your background, but the title would look better if you add your panorama in the back of it.