Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Shot Sequencing

Some of the mistakes I will go over is that tis video is kind of messy and everywhere. You need to remember that you need to make the video feel natural and to let the audience feel comfortable while watching your video and to show them that you know what your doing.

In my GT class We learned how to make short story videos. In these short stories We learn that you need a three shot sequence which is wide, medium, close. These shots will help make your video look more professional and clean. Unlike my example above which was the first video I made in GT so its kind of everywhere. But if you want better examples please click here.


  1. Hello, I really like how your blog looks! It's very pretty, you must be proud. I'm sure you and your group has gotten a lot better at sequencing since the beginning of the year :) What has been your favorite project so far in the year? Please reply :)

    1. Hi! Thanks on the compliment and yes I am very proud of my blog. My favorite project of the year is probably the one we are doing right now. haha! its so fun and interesting, because when I wasa little girl my dad would drawl on the edge of the paper in notebooks and I would watch the picture come to life!