Friday, February 7, 2014

Practice Story Reflection

 In our most recent project "Kaylynn loves Dancing" was done very well, Yet I feel that I could have done more.My parnters Sydney and Kaylynn and me did very well and worked very good togetherBut on the first day of this project we were on track getting all our B-roll done and going everything real smoothly. The 2nd day of this project went smoothly as well. I believe that the interviews went really well and got the message threw.

After we did the interviews we had to fill in the transcript. The transcript is paper that holds all the info I am suppose to read to give this video a voiceover. We didn't finish our transcript on time so that held us back a little, but we got threw it. Since we got held back a little so that took out some of our time. Since we used are own time we got it finished, It was a little late but we did it.

 In conclusion of this we finished this project story. But we were disqualified on the last minute! We were yelling at the computer as if it was a actual person, it was really funny! But since this was a practice story it didn't really matter as much. But we wish we could have finished on time. Lastly I would like to say that that our team was very proud of this project even with some delays.


  1. Great job with your practice story!

  2. HII:) Your blog is super pretty and organized. I wish i could watch your profile story, it was probably amazing!