Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Polar Panoramas

Here are my two finished Polar Panoramas. I created these pictures in my GT class, if you don't  know what what GT means here it is... Gt is a class on the island  kauai at kapaa middle school that teaches  young minds such as me, how to use photoshop, cameras, computers, and key board shortcuts for apple computers.

Now back to my polar panorama, Me and my class made polar panoramas by taking pictures horizontally that has the sky and land in it. After we finished taking out pictures we edited them in Adobe Bridge, to make them more eye catching and attractive. When we finished editing them we went into Photoshop and flipped it 360 degrees, made it into a square, filter, distort, polar coordinates, and edit! We edited our photos by using the smudge tool. Well thats all bye!


  1. Hey Wailana, it's Kaylynn. Just letting you know GREAT job! A couple things that I really liked about this was the way you explained what G.T. is and the way you explained how to make the polar panoramas. Once again GREAT job!